Whoever attempts to solve the riddle of space in the abstract, will construct the outline of emptiness and call it space.
Whoever attempts to meet man in the abstract will speak with his echo and call this a dialogue.
Man still breathes both in and out.  When is architecture going to do the same?

...Considering the aspect of ascending dimension in the light of a concept of size and quantity nurtured by reciprocity, the articulated inbetween realm may also coincide with inbetween dimension.  Things of a very different nature must be familiarized by some device.  The same goes for things of different sizes.
(This by no means impinges on the positive effect of contrast, but then contrast means so many things-bad and sometimes good.)
-Aldo van Eyck



SantaMonica, CA


40,000sf expansion of the existing UCLA Ocean Discovery Center

The building was to become a series of events that interacted with the plane of the pier; the exhibition halls change level from one to the next are separated by numerous exterior courts, useful for tide pools, touch tanks, and eventual access to the beach level.  Contrasting the fragmented arrangement of exhibit spaces a level of classrooms establish a rhythm with their proportionate size and spacing, and also their peaked roofs making use of southeast winds for natural ventilation.  The intent of breaking up the program into numerous spaces was to maintain a scale relative to the pier.  This also provided for roof terraces and garden spaces useful for the education and discovery program, and perhaps also for the best views around.

It was crucial that this design adapt to the historically significant context and not compete with it.  Existing conditions such as the pier edge were maintained and public zones, spaces for concerts, were developed.

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