Los Angeles,  CA


This museum was designed such that children and adults could find common ground upon which to play.  With regard to the toy, the museum would feature the toy of the adult against that of the child.  Contrasting the two, the exhibits should enable the adult to see their work as play and their belongings as toys, while the child may see their play as possible professions and their toy as a tool for living.

The design perpetuates this idea with its notion of spatial design.  The flexibility to acheive varying heights of space and levels of natural and artificial light would serve both the playful characteristic and assist the curator with various ways to create exhibits. 

The main circulation atrium serves to connect all the public to each bay of museum exhibits.  All the while, the ramps of ciculation are supported by custom designed display casings of steel framing and drywall skin.

Within each bay the child or adult may transgress laterally through the structural walls in halls of approximatly six feet in width.  These walls also serve as the location of the ventilation ducts and electrical services.

Further exploration and design would lead to creating more choice in circulation.  Relative to play, the choice of a slide might appear beside the common ramp or stair, or the size of entry would vary to suit a child instead of an adult.

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